Jesus Magana

UC Santa Cruz Computer Scientist

GitHub / @Zerolinux5 / Linkedin / Hackerrank

Languages/ Education/ Work/ Projects

Programming Languages Known

Ranking from best known to have used

  • C++
  • Java
  • C
  • Objective-C
  • Java for Android
  • Arduino
  • Python

Education and Training

Bachelors of Science, Computer Science 2011-2014
Electives include:

1st Year Classes

  1. Intro to Robotics
    Honors Newtonian Mechanics
    Accelerated Java Programming
  2. 3D Modeling
    Data Structures

    Assembly Language and Computer Systems
  3. Discrete Mathematics
    Foundations of Game Design

2nd Year Classes

  1. Web Design with Python
    Intro to Computer Networks
    Electromagnetic Mechanics
  2. Intro to Electronics
    Mobile Sensing with iOS

    Mobile Apps with Android
  3. Abstract Algorithms
    Linear Algebra

3rd Year Classes

  1. Compiler Design
    Computational Models
    Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  2. Computer Architecture
    Operating Systems

    Comparative Programming
  3. Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
    Computability and Computational Complexity
    Elementary Physics of Energy

Work History

Android Class Tutor

My tasks where:

  1. Help students with homework questions
  2. Help students with their quarter project questions
  3. Hold hours for students to ask anything android related

Freshman Engineer Mentor

My tasks where:

  1. Teach basic microcontroller programming
  2. Teach intro to Java
  3. Teach command line commands
  4. Help introduce students to calculus
  5. Build advanced microcontroller project
  6. Work as a team with other engineers

College Tutor in:

  1. Vector Calculus
  2. Web Design in Python
  3. Data Structures
  4. Advanced Algorithms and Abstract Data Types
  5. Linear Algebra
  6. Discrete Mathematics


School Projects

  1. UCSC Social Network
  2. NFC Phone Controller
  3. Basic News App
  4. Greedy/Dynamic/Recursive/Network Algorithms
  5. Designed Sub-Programming Language
  6. C-- Compiler
  7. Breath/Depth First Search Trees

Personal Projects

  1. This Website
  2. Dice App for Role Playing Games
  3. Arduino Nunchuk Robot
  4. Accelerometer Based Android Music Playing App
  5. Accelerometer Based IOS Music Playing App
  6. Solutions to Hackerrank Challenges
  7. Webmaster for UCSC Pokemon League Club

Building 4-wheeled drive car

Wii Nunchuck controlled 2-Wheel robot